True ID – Neural Networks ID Validation Application

In this post I will describe how to do a more applied project – an appllication for ID verification (in this case the real project is called TrueID and is hosted here).

One way to verify the identity of one person is to request a photo of its ID and a selfie of the person.

We might use an web application  to request the photos and print the results :


After some geometrical transformations on the provided photos (for example if the photo is tilted or stretched, to bring it back to a normal rectangular shape), we would just scan the field of interest (containing name, surname, adress) with our favorite algorithm to OCR the text (for example an LSTM NN):

Last step would be to extract the photo from the ID and compare it with the selfie provided. Some nice NN can predict with a good accuracy if it is the same person or not.

You can find a demo of this ID service here .



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